Make 2022 Your Year of Video

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic festive break and are now settled back in at work, whether that’s an office, industrial site, restaurant, retail unit or anywhere else where you do business. You’re now most likely thinking about new ways to promote your brand, so we’d like to talk to you about the benefits of professionally created video content.
It wasn’t that long ago when many businesses considered video content as being not quite right for them. It could have been a case of thinking that they didn’t have enough to say or simply assuming that the price tag would make this form of marketing activity inaccessible. We’re here to put your mind at ease by confirming that your business will definitely benefit from high-quality videos and we can work to practically any budget.
Read on to discover how video content can be applied to your brand and help you to achieve amazing things in 2022.

Promotional videos

Let’s start with one of the most common yet versatile types of video content. Promo videos are visual adverts that get across your company’s core offering and style. They can be any length but sometimes less is more, as videos that last just 2-3 minutes are more likely to be fully digested by your target audience.
We can shoot promo videos to perfectly reflect your brand style and we guarantee they’ll reinvigorate your marketing strategy.

Staff interviews

Your people are your greatest asset, so make sure to put them in the spotlight. Short staff interviews are a brilliant way to celebrate your team members and show the world what they bring to the table.

Customer testimonials

Social proof is a major influencer of consumer buying behaviour. When a prospective customer can see how your business has helped a similar business, they become much more likely to get in touch. This is because customer testimonials offer an unbiased example of how your services work and the results that follow.

Corporate events

Whether you’re planning a gala evening, staff party, awards ceremony, team building day or a series of insightful talks, we’re here to capture them all on film. Celebrating events through vibrant and impactful videos does wonders for brand awareness, plus it helps to attract top talent to your business. Speaking of which…

Recruitment campaigns

Video content is a powerful method of recruiting suitable people for a variety of roles. From apprenticeships and part-time shift work to management positions and new board members, it’s amazing how much video content speeds up the recruitment process.

Internal comms and training

We make training, induction, health and safety and other internal comms engaging and educational. The whole point of training is to ensure that the employee retains important information, so what better way to do it than through videos that inspire, inform and entertain?

CSR activity

Whenever your business carries out any corporate social responsibility activity, such as fundraising projects, charity awareness days, sports team sponsorship or community-based events, we’re here to help you shout about it.
We can film everything from fundraising bake-offs and neighbourhood litter-picks to cheque handovers and charity golf days, making us your go-to videography specialist whenever you want to showcase how your business makes a difference to the world.


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