Clarity VM - Case Study

Jotun Paints

Clarity Lean and Visual Management have worked closely with VIP Creative over the years to develop a catalogue of customer case studies. 

A case study video is essentially a customer testimonial from one of your customers or clients that outlines the problems they’ve had in the past, the solutions they considered, and the results they’ve had after using your product or service for a certain amount of time.

Word of mouth recommendations and testimonials are more relevant than ever. They are important as most people buying into a product or service will often not make a purchase without consulting reviews online first. People like to do their research!

Video case studies and testimonials are a key tool in your marketing arsenal. Having these and providing your potential prospects with them will not only show that you take your business seriously but also that you are confident enough to get your customers on camera to speak about you and your business. After all, a written review will rarely go into much detail, whereas a video will give your audience extensive details of why they should use your service whilst also giving them insights into your core values.