Promotional Video - Yorkshire Dales Festival

Yorkshire Dales

Jane Tomlinson’s RUN FOR ALL is a charity organisation that started with the late amateur athlete and fundraiser, Jane Tomlinson CBE. As one of the UK’s biggest not-for-profit events companies, RUN FOR ALL continues to host fantastic endurance events throughout the UK.

Although they already had a large portfolio of well established annual events, our involvement with them came when they needed a promotional video to advertise their new event, the Yorkshire Dales Festival.

The challenge was creating a video for an event that hadn’t happened yet and would usually have thousands of people  taking part in it when we only had a handful of people in the video. Re-creating such a large scale event on such a small scale was always going to be difficult but then we realised that it wouldn’t matter and this was because of the fantastic scenery on offer. Filming in and around the Yorkshire Dales provided us with such beautiful locations and stunning backdrops so we focused on that element of the event, showing the participants what they would experience in that way, ahead of all else.

Some of the views were breathtaking. Standing at the top of Malham Cove was something we’ll never forget.