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Looking for health and safety, induction or internal communication videos for your business? Do you spend hours of your time walking contractors through in-depth processes and could that time be better-spent elsewhere on the business? VIP Creative can help you become more efficient by producing video that will save you time and money.

For every health & safety, induction or training video we create, we start with three basic questions; who is the audience, what do they need to know and how are we going to tell them?

As specialists in the production of health & safety and induction videos for businesses, we create effective and concise training videos that will engage, educate and entertain.

We understand industry

Our video team has a proven track record in producing informative, engaging and helpful video content for various business sectors including health and safety. We understand the importance of making your training videos interesting and efficient. Our team can turn your complicated training procedures into memorable, easy to understand video content that your team will enjoy watching and most importantly, learn from.

We are flexible

We have the equipment, PPE, creativity and experience to deliver high quality, educational and memorable video. We will work around your team safely and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

We’re accessible 24/7 and can accommodate night shifts and locations across the UK and worldwide, if desired.

Help you showcase and market

With the current and continuous developments of social media and visual information consumption, it’s also important to stand out as a company and show what makes you different. Using video and photography, VIP Creative can help you to showcase your company values and communicate both internally and externally.

Give the correct message

Your staff members are the life force of your business and keeping them informed, up to date and safe is vital. You can rely on VIP Creative to deliver the right messages to your staff and contractors, helping them work safely and effectively.

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