3am. We both roll over simultaneously in our hotel’s twin room with the drilling sound of our alarms, coupling up like a duo of fighting cats. Fast forward four hours later and we are ankles deep (Nathan sporting a pair of fetching Five Finger Vibrams) in Tenby Harbour about to ‘Face the Dragon’. This is what we live for!

The team’s job for the day was to create create 3 social media videos of each section of the race as the day unfolded, along with one overall highlights reel for the closing ceremony.

Ironman Wales was an amazing experience and such a privilege to have filmed. Over 18 hours from start to finish, we had captured the journey and moments of the remarkable, inspirational people who took part in what has been deemed the second most challenging Ironman event in the World!

How did we survive an 18 hour day? Dedication, meticulous planning and the support from a great media team along with the motorcycle media team OMOTOS who assisted us in creating dynamic and safe passage through Tenby.

Live Events are one of the many areas of photography and video that VIP Creative specialises in. We love the thrill of a fast paced environment and enjoy capturing crowd interaction, even to the point of getting the crowd energised for the camera.

More of our events include Total Warrior, The Beverley Food Festival and The Business Culture Hull.

If you are running any events that needs a dedicated, friendly, professional and energised team to capture the day, please give us a call or email us using the contact button below.