PR Photography Hull

Public Relations and Editorial photography in Hull and the surrounding area.


PR photography for us is capturing the perfect photo to accompany a pitch for an article, a case study you are writing, or press release. Great PR photography is vital to catch the reader’s eye and prompt their curiosity. When we create images for PR use we believe the image should ask a question, and the caption should offer the answer.

Great photography can aid you and be key to getting your writing published and can even promote an article toward the front page. Images can also make your story more memorable: and there is research that suggests that using an image can increase the chances of a reader remembering it by 55%.

We know how important images are (it’s our job) and we all know that images are vital to getting noticed on the internet. Social media in particular is image hungry, just take a look at Instagram.  Images aren’t just an asset; they’re almost a necessity. For example, on Facebook,  87% of posts that users share contain photos, and Twitter has found that including a photo in a tweet increases retweets by 35%.