Start Thinking About Your New Year Marketing

Well, 2021 is almost over and it’s not long until we’ll be celebrating the beginning of a brand spanking new year. Whilst we’re sure you’ve done (pretty much) all of your Christmas shopping and the kitchen cupboards are already full of Quality Street, mince pies and artisanal nuts, you really need to be thinking about your marketing too.
We totally get that it’s tempting to leave your marketing plan until you return to the office, but that means you’ll be starting off Q1 at least a week behind schedule. To help you hit the ground running as soon as your business reopens after Chrimbo, here’s some motivation from the chaps here at VIP Creative.


Plan for greatness

What are you looking to achieve as a business in 2022? Do you want to grow your client base or expand your product offering? Perhaps recruitment is at the top of the to-do list, plus maybe some CSR activity to show how much your business values its local community? Whatever the case, it all begins with a plan.
Your marketing plan doesn’t have to be fully polished at this stage but you do need to know what format it will take. Whether it’s a new website, ramped up social media, email campaigns, media coverage or a range of exciting events, you’ll need some photography and video content to go with it. Give us a shout and we’ll take a weight off your shoulders by designing a content bank that works with your goals and KPIs at its core.


Create awesomeness

Once you know what you’ll be pushing to your target audience, you need to have the content ready and waiting. We provide a wide variety of commercial photography and videography services that can cover everything from headshots and promotional images to video case studies and training tutorials. Simply let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll create visual content that gets it across to full effect.


Execute like a pro

It’s not simply a case of posting your cracking content willy-nilly, as a certain level of preparation and strategy is required. If you’re searching for a team of digital marketing specialists to give you a helping hand, look no further than VIP Creative. We can supply everything from consultancy sessions to copywriting, blog writing and social media management services for a very affordable price.


Evaluate like a boss

Plan confirmed. Content created. Marketing delivered. Boom. Time to put your feet up and have a nice cuppa, right? Well, not exactly.
An integral part of effective marketing is regularly evaluating what went well, what could be improved, who interacted with your content, the level of engagement achieved, and how your digital strategy can be fine-tuned even further. By keeping on top of how your content is performing, you can use this insightful data to shape future marketing campaigns and maximise results.
As always, if you need any advice or support with this, we’re never more than a phone call, email, video meeting or carrier pigeon away.


Ask us about photography and video content

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