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Are you looking to attract more talented applicants for next year’s enrollment? Do you need to recruit and want to find that enthusiastic, passionate and driven person to join your team? Is engaging with pupils, improving learning outcomes and enhancing your internal comms with compelling videos something you could benefit from? This is where educational videos for schools, colleges and universities come in.

At VIP Creative our video team supports UK schools, colleges, higher education and adult education providers with a range of captivating video content that includes marketing, recruitment, staff training & development, student engagement, school & campus tours and academic research.

Student using Ipad in class
Student using Ipad outside.
Classroom science experiment.

Some of the people we've helped

As video specialists, VIP Creative will help you engage with your students, staff and external audiences and make your internal and external comms fun, interesting and educational.

We understand education

Our video team has a proven track record in producing informative, engaging and helpful video content for all kinds of academic institutions including schools, colleges, sixth forms and adult learning providers across Yorkshire and the UK.

We are flexible

We have the equipment, creativity and experience to deliver high quality, eye-catching and entertaining videos. We will work around the teaching schedule and term-time to make things easier for you and without distraction for staff and students.

Attract talented professionals

Your staff members are the life force of your institution and your values are what will attract new members to your team. You can depend on VIP Creative to deliver the right messages to your teachers, lecturers and support staff – showcasing your institution to its full potential.

Help you stand out from other institutions

With the ever increasing rise in social media and visual information consumption, it’s important to stand out as a facility. VIP Creative can help you showcase your institution to potential candidates using video and photography to show them exactly why your institution is right for them. We can showcase your learning environment, student outcomes, facilities, culture and pastoral care.

Sixth form student working in class.
Music lesson. Students having fun.
Student smiling in college library.
Student playing guitar in music lesson.
Student swimming lesson.
Happy students outside.

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