The Advantages of Visual Marketing

They say that seeing is believing, yet so many businesses don’t truly show what their products and services are all about and how they will benefit the customer. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few examples of how visual marketing will improve your brand awareness, lead generation, sales pipeline and customer engagement.


Boost your web traffic

Though social media, email newsletters and printed promotional materials get your brand out there in different ways, they all share the same goal: to encourage people to visit your website. This is because your website is where the real action happens and most decisions by potential customers are made.
In order to drive people to your website, you need to grab their eye and give them a reason to put aside a little time in their busy schedules to find out more. Nothing does this better than visual content such as high-quality photography and interesting videos, which we can create in line with your branding and key messages.


Demonstrate social trust

It’s all well and good you talking about how awesome your business is, but why should a stranger to your brand automatically believe you? After all, it’s not only in your best interests to say that your business is the best – it’s part and parcel of your role. Luckily, there’s an easy way to gain trust and start a relationship with new customers, which is to share some views and feedback from your existing client base.
Testimonials and case studies are classic forms of social trust that have been reinvigorated by video. We can get everyone together to create short, sharp and interesting case study videos that show how your services benefit your target audience and share real life examples of why people put trust in your brand.


Strengthen emotional bonds

As well as building trust as a company, you can also use visual marketing to reinforce emotional bonds that play a key role in customer loyalty. This could take multiple approaches, such as photography and video content that showcases your company culture, CSR activity, sponsorship deals, environmental goals, and any other topics that can adopt a storytelling format.
This kind of visual content can work wonders for brand awareness and customer interaction, as celebrating the people, values and philosophy behind the brand greatly helps to create valuable connections.



Increase digital engagement

Last but by no means least, photography and video content are the most effective way to engage people across the wider digital landscape, such as through your social media accounts, newsletters, blogs, landing pages, pay-per-click ads and PR outreach activity.
You know better than anyone that your marketing activity takes a lot of time and hard work, so a lack of interest from the customer will always be disappointing on both a personal and commercial level. We’re here to fix that through exceptional visual content that grabs attention, engages interest and persuades the viewer to clickety-click and find out more. When done well, visual marketing can bring a strong return on investment every month, so make sure to ask us for our expert recommendations.


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