We’ll Capture Your Best Side with Business Headshots

No matter what you do for a living, chances are you’ll need business headshots. We’re ready to visit your premises and take a selection of headshots that will do you proud, not to mention add new life to your marketing and social channels.

Feeling a bit shy?

Aside from taking stupendous images, our role is also to make you feel comfortable when facing the camera. We regularly work with people who consider themselves wallflowers and help them to get involved in a business headshot session to full effect.
We’re fun people to work with (even if we do say ourselves) and this greatly helps to remove barriers and tension that many people feel when they’re in front of the lens.

What’s your style?

The world is changing and with it comes a more casual form of business headshot. Whilst we still take plenty of images of people in shirts, ties and formal attire, there are more and more businesses that have a very relaxed dress code.
Whether your staff are suited and booted or prefer hoodies, tees and clothing that shows off their tattoos and piercings, we can accommodate any kind of style. The same goes for the composition of the headshot, as it could be the classic white background or something more vivid, such as bold colours, industrial vibes or an outdoor setting.

Need some creative advice?

If you know exactly what type of business headshots you want, simply let us know and we’ll make it happen. If you’d rather have a chat about different approaches, we’re always up for a friendly chat and the sharing of ideas.
Switching and experimenting with the aesthetic of your business headshots can really help to evolve your visual brand, so make sure to ask us as many questions as you like.

We’ll work to your schedule

We pride ourselves on accommodating our clients’ busy calendars, so we’ll make sure to find a day and time that’s mutually beneficial.
Depending on the number of people who need headshots, it could be a case of spending anywhere from an hour to a few days at your premises. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe before we get cracking so that disruption to your employees’ workflow is kept to an absolute minimum.

Use your business headshots to full effect

The most obvious places to use your new business headshots are your website, ID cards, individual LinkedIn profiles, that kind of thing. However, there are so many other opportunities to get them out there, such as including them in brochures, direct mail, presentations, HR records, blog posts, industry forums and your PR outreach activity.
Some people even include their headshot on their business cards, as what better way is there to put a face to a name?

Book your business headshots session

We’re here to give you a confidence boost, capture your best side and create business headshots that you’re more than happy to share with the wider world. To get started, fill in our contact form and let’s talk headshots!

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