Promotional Videos - Oresome Gallery

Humber Street, Hull

The ‘Oresome’ Nicola and Vicky asked us to help them promote their business in a way that would show their core values as well as the quality of the bespoke jewellery they create. For this project they needed video and photography. We love these jobs because it allows us to put our creative stamp across the whole website. They needed video, product photography and team photos so it kept us busy!

With their gallery located on the newly developed and beautiful Humber Street in Hull, we knew we’d have fun working with them. We started our filming days with a couple of delicious Mochas from Thieving Harry’s; A quirky coffee shop perfectly situated opposite the Oresome Gallery. We loved the look of it so much that it would then become a setting for a couple of shots in the video.

The Oresome team really wanted to break down barriers between themselves and their customers. They wanted people to feel comfortable when they came in as they were aware that people often didn’t know what to expect. We sat down and decided that the best way to do this was to have the girls relaxed and tell us about themselves. By creating a promo video with an informal yet informative style, we captured the essence of them as people as well as Oresome’s values.

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