Promotional & Event Videos - GCGF Entertainment


For us, there’s nothing more thrilling than been stood on the side of a boxing ring. Lights beaming down, crowd chanting for their family and friends whilst two people slog it out for a good cause!

Working alongside GCGF, Andy’s Man Club and various other charities such as Aim Higher and Teenage Cancer Trust gives us great great pleasure in knowing we are capturing kindness and hope for people to remember and witness.

We love being part of a team of people who are trying to help bring awareness to others. We are great believers in the power of an image; whether that be photography or video, imagery is a great way to convey emotions.

Capturing live action and events are one of our specialist areas. Having developed a skill in anticipating “The Decisive Moment”; a concept made popular by the street photographer, photojournalist and Magnum co-founder Henri Cartier-Bresson, we have a good ‘knack’ for capturing the essence of an event and showing the story as it unfolds while capturing all of the split second moments that make an event so special. Being part of a two person team, we are able to cover more ground but two can always multiply for those larger events, if needed.