Using Photography to Sell More Products Online

It really is true that we buy with our eyes, which is why every business that sells physical products needs a professional photographer on board. 

Whilst we’re sure your products look amazing already, photography is actually a very complex process and getting them to look good on camera can be difficult. This is due to numerous external factors, such as composition, framing, lighting, editing and the need for good old creativity, which combine to deliver product photography that leaps off the page, screen or billboard.

We’re here to create a scene

Don’t worry, we don’t mean we’re going to embarrass you in front of your mates. Instead, we’re experts when it comes to creating scenes that perfectly represent the vibe you want associating with your product. 

For instance, a brand of alcoholic beverages will work well in your favourite bar or at an outdoor event, whereas the latest fleet vehicles deserve to be photographed in dynamic surroundings rather than a dull, grey car park.

“Sell a good night’s sleep – not the mattress”

Visually explaining your product’s features is an excellent way to show how it works, but what about the benefit it provides? That’s where the quote above comes into play – everyone knows what a mattress does, so they instead need to know why to choose a particular brand over others.

This logic applies to products old and new and it’s your job to show the potential buyer what’s in it for them. In other words, why should they part with their hard-earned cash when they could buy a cheaper one from a competitor? By using photography to communicate both features and benefits, you’re much more likely to make a sale right there and then. 

Close-up vs backdrop

It’s always a good idea to get a wide range of product shots, as this will allow your marketing team to play around with ideas when planning campaigns. Let’s take houseplants as an example because, you know, they’re pretty sweet.

A set of separate images showing each plant in its entirety is great for individual product listings. However, rather than just using the one photo to sell a product, you should try adding a variety that give a genuine feel for its visual appearance. 

Let’s imagine you’re selling the coolest plant in existence, the Venus flytrap. A close-up of those beautiful jaws of doom will celebrate its mesmerising magnificence and really get the viewer interested. Another shot taken further away to show how the plant will complement a lounge or home office then seals the deal. It’s the same plant, we haven’t added googly eyes to it or anything, yet the different types of images engage the customer in unique ways and encourage an instant sale.

Freeze, punk!

If you’re looking for action shots, we’re your guys. As well as providing outstanding videography, we can also integrate a sense of movement and excitement into our product photography using freeze frames to capture a dramatic moment in time. 

This can work wonders for even the most everyday products, such as stationery falling through the air or milk splashing into a bowl of crispy cereal. You bring the products and we’ll supply the imagination!

Give your brand the VIP treatment

We’re here to show your ideal customers why they should add your products to their shopping baskets. To get started, give us a shout through our contact form and let’s have a chat about product photography.

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