Striking Photography to Enhance Your PR Strategy

A strong marketing plan will contain a wide variety of activity. Social media, blogs, videos, email campaigns, printed literature and paid advertising will all play a role, but what a lot of businesses often forget about is regular PR coverage.

Getting your news and achievements into newspapers and magazines is a powerful method of drawing more eyes to your brand and encouraging people to follow a call to action. Whilst we’re sure you have lots of amazing news to share, the main obstacle for many companies is a set of striking images to accompany the press release.

When done well, PR can help a business to gain strong backlinks, start valuable conversations and increase profitability. Read on to discover how our photography service will equip you with images that grab the attention of even the most picky journalists and news editors.


Visual communication

The ideal length of a press release is a single side of A4, which works out at around 300 to 400 words. This doesn’t give you much room to fit in all of your key messages, so your images should fill in the blanks. We’re sure you’ll have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and nowhere is this more relevant than when working to a tight word limit.


Leap off the page

Few people read newspapers cover to cover, plus online news sites make it impossible to digest a full day’s news because there’s so much more of it online. This means that each article is competing for the reader’s attention, which is usually won through one of two factors:

  • The appeal of the headline (e.g. Hull man banned from takeaway for refusing chip spice)
  • The quality of the initial image (e.g. A high-quality shot of your staff handing over a cheque to your chosen charity)

By always having fantastic images to go with your press releases, it becomes far more likely that the reader will take a look at what you have to say.


Quality is crucial

When we refer to the quality of your photography, we mean both the composition and the resolution. An amateurish photo with poor layout, lighting or framing simply doesn’t do your business justice. Meanwhile, it may be a brilliant photo but the resolution simply isn’t good enough for newspapers and magazines, which need it to be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch), which means a file that’s at least 1MB in size and preferably a fair bit more.
When you choose VIP Creative, you gain the peace of mind that your entire image bank is suitable for publications whilst exciting for eyeballs.


Consistency combined with variety

We’re called VIP Creative because that’s precisely what we deliver. Every client is treated like a VIP and our creativity knows no bounds. Whether it’s photography of your people, products, processes or premises, we guarantee that every image will share a clear brand style whilst retaining its own individuality.

This consistency makes newspaper editors very happy and increases the likelihood of your PR feature being allocated more than one image, which in turn enhances reader engagement.


Give your brand the VIP treatment

It’s time to ramp up your PR marketing and reach wider audiences through impactful images. Give us a shout through our contact form and let’s have a chat about commercial photography.

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