Short Videos with a Massive Impact

Whether your business already uses video as part of its marketing strategy or hasn’t even dipped a toe into this area of visual content, this blog explains how short commercial videos can have a massive impact.

Less is more

Whilst it’s true that you can fit more information into a longer video, there are factors that may reduce its performance. The main barrier is the attention span of good old Johnny Viewer, as these days people are very pernickety about how they spend their time online and will often click away if a video doesn’t grab their attention in mere moments. This is rarely an issue when a video is less than 60 seconds in length.

Drip-feed your content

Another factor to take into account is that having one long promotional video means that you’re using up most of your key info in a single meaty mouthful. Instead, a series of short videos will allow you to slice up your messages into bite-sized visual nuggets. Not only are these easy to digest but they also give you plenty of content to use going forward.

Avoid repetition

Do you know a brand that shares the same content over and over again? Has it resulted in you unfollowing them or at least considering it? This is a major risk for a business and can result in its target audience becoming irritated and bored rather than encouraged to find out more. When you have a variety of unique videos to share, your digital marketing channels remain fresh and interesting on a long-term basis.

Short videos are more shareworthy

A key digital marketing metric is the sharing of content. The more your videos are shared, the wider the reach and the higher the chances of your business generating new leads or making new sales. Short videos are much more likely to be shared both on a user’s feed and directly with connections via private message.

Unleash your personality

If you find it difficult to maintain your flow when speaking in front of a camera, you’ll be pleased to hear that videos between 30 and 60 seconds are much easier to film. This is because the messages are shorter and also more precise, allowing you to say them out loud without losing momentum. This also makes it a smoother, simpler and more enjoyable process. Don’t worry if you slip up, as we use a two-camera setup so that you don’t even have to start again from the beginning.

You can use our studio

Whilst we’re always happy to film videos on your commercial or industrial premises, we also have our very own studio that’s perfectly kitted out and very welcoming. Aaron Gilmore of TreyBridge Accountants recently visited us to film a series of short videos explaining how his team supports business owners, so why not follow his lead and book in your own session?

Book your short video session today

It’s amazing how much information we can gather in a single day, which can then be turned into creative videos that will last your business weeks or even months. To get started, fill in our contact form and let’s talk mini videos!

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