Photography and Videos for Artisanal Brands

We provide photography and video services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from national companies that have been going for generations to indie brands that are just starting out. In other words, if you have a small artisanal business and you want to accelerate your marketing, we’re here to provide awesome content for a very affordable price.


How to sell your artisanal products

We may be stating the obvious here, but your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. As an artisan you have something special to sell, which could be anything from freshly baked bread to intricately carved wooden gifts. Whatever the case, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into account when marketing your products:

  • Focus on your story: Who are you? What’s your background? Why did you set up a business? Why here and now? Why are you so incredibly passionate about creating these types of products? All of these questions are opportunities to celebrate your passion and show people what makes you unique.
  • Remain authentic: Find your genuine voice and communicate in whichever way suits your brand. This enables customers to see that you’re authentic and follow a clear communication style, which will do wonders for customer engagement.
  • Do what feels right: Maybe running competitions perfectly fits your brand or perhaps informal conversation is more your vibe. It’s true that your marketing style will almost certainly develop as the years go by, but it’s crucial that it continually rings true to who you are. Don’t jump on every marketing trend that pops up – invest time into promoting your brand in a way that reflects your ethos, vision and goals.
  • Always be visual: As an artisanal brand, it’s essential that potential customers and long-term fans can see what you’re currently making, baking or creating. This is where VIP Creative comes in, as we know how to capture your skills and dedication on film and help you to showcase your expertise to full effect.

Make your website pop

Your website is one of the main places people will visit to find out more about what you offer. It needs to be easy to navigate and full of interesting content, with photography and video being primary factors when it comes to customer engagement.
It’s tempting to take a DIY approach and use your own snapshots, yet these will rarely do justice to your products. That’s why hiring a professional photography and videography team is such a savvy decision, as we’ll create eye-catching content that’s designed to turn idle curiosity into profitable custom.


Always be social

Social media is another major method of gaining new customers and selling more products. Use your amazing photography and videos to direct people straight to particular product pages on your website, as this can significantly speed up the sales process. Also make sure to use the built-in sales features offered by Facebook and Instagram, as you’ll be amazed how effective social media can be when it comes to selling products very quickly.
Whilst jaw-dropping visual content is very important, the key is to remember to keep it social – don’t just use your channels to sell, sell, sell, as they should also be there to inspire, entertain, help, thank and look after your customers.


Stand out at trade shows

Booking stalls at events and trade shows is a powerful way to connect with new customers, distributors, stockists and suppliers alike. These gatherings are always very busy and there’ll be a lot of businesses vying for attention, so use your photography to create high-quality signage that instantly turns head.
You could also show off your product videos by taking a TV screen with you. If that’s too much stress, add QR codes to your flyers and pop-up banners that send people straight to a promotional video on YouTube. We guarantee this will enable you to interact with more people than ever before and sell your products to an even wider customer base.


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