How YouTube Can Benefit Your Business

Video has long been one of the strongest forms of content for building relationships, stirring emotion and driving conversions, making YouTube a key avenue to explore for any business wanting to grow online. So, whether you fancy recording product demos, Q&As, case studies or how-to guides, let’s talk about the benefits YouTube can bring to your business.

Huge audience exposure

Not everyone realises that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Billions of videos are watched every day by hundreds of millions of users all over the world, and people spend far more time there compared to other sites.
There’s a constant presence for your videos on YouTube, plus they won’t disappear into the depths of a timeline like they do on social media. As such, the sheer scale of YouTube makes it an ideal place for expanding your brand’s reach using content that’s perfectly optimised with keywords and links to your website.

Increased discoverability on Google

Due to Google owning YouTube, users are often presented with video results when searching the web. If you happen to have a video with a cleverly optimised title and description, it might well just show up on a relevant Google query, potentially doubling your presence if you have web results displaying there too.
A popular, well-shared YouTube channel with videos embedded on several sites can also help increase your website’s authority on Google, bringing an impressive increase in brand awareness.

Harness the power of video for connection and conversion

Video content performs very strongly in digital marketing. For a start, it’s far more likely to be fully consumed than written content, not to mention it will inspire stronger emotional reactions. Visuals are more effective at grabbing and keeping attention, whereas videos in particular humanise a brand, bring it to life and put a face out there for people to connect with.
By publishing on YouTube, you can harness the power of video to the max, get a little more creative than simply churning out walls of text, connect with your audience more closely, and share stronger calls to action. What’s not to like?

Expanded reach with YouTube ads

YouTube, similar to Facebook, has an incredibly powerful advertising platform that can serve your ads to exactly the kind of people you want to do business with. You can have your ad displayed at the right moment to the most relevant viewers by setting your ideal age, location and interests. As a result, not only can you post your own videos, you can also introduce yourself to potential customers in an ad before they watch someone else’s video. Result!

Easy repurposing of content

The beauty of YouTube is that the content you publish there can also do a lot of good elsewhere. For instance, you might share the videos on your social media channels to grab attention and begin valuable conversations. What’s more, you could embed them across your website, product pages, landing pages and blog posts, creating an engaging experience that informs people more effectively and keeps them on your site for longer, which in turn will improve your bounce rates, session duration and chances of converting a browse into a sale.

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