How Video Content Will Boost Your Marketing

These days marketing is all about the content and what it communicates. When people visit your website, follow you on social media, open an email campaign or see one of your pay-per-click ads, they want to be greeted by information that educates, inspires and entertains.
Video content is amazing for engaging people’s attention, plus you can have a lot of fun with it in the process. Below are a few ways that our video services will boost your marketing and help you to grow your business.

Catch their eye

Not literally, that would be gross. However, video marketing is an opportunity to create eye-catching content that draws in serious searchers and casual visitors alike.
When one of your buyer personas watches your video, they instantly get a better feel for what your business offers and how you can work together. Meanwhile, those who just happen to come across your video content could also be motivated to find out more about your brand and begin their journey to becoming a customer.

Spark an emotional connection

Video marketing is great for promotional messages, such as selling a product or service, sharing a special offer, all that jazz. But that’s not where its potential ends, as videos are a powerful tool for sparking and nurturing an emotional connection between the brand and the buyer.
This can take a variety of forms and depends on the nature of the content. As such, the viewer may feel uplifted (an update that brings a smile to their face), curious (an invitation to explore a particular service) or motivated (a demonstration of how you can solve their problems). We’ll discuss the intended response in advance and then design the video content around it, ensuring that your viewers connect with your brand in a way that suits your marketing goals.

Make your social media stand out

There’s so much chatter on social media these days. This is a good thing but it also makes it difficult for brands to cut through the noise and reach their target audience. By investing in regular video content, you’ll never run out of fresh visual messages that make people eager to get in touch with your business.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be long pieces of content. In fact, short promo videos, case studies and staff interviews are the perfect blend of brevity and brilliance.

Ramp up your SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about strengthening your website and making Google a happy chappy. Professionally created video content significantly boosts a website’s SEO, as it adds valuable visual elements to its pages.
When combined with well-written copy and striking photography, you’ll find that your website experiences an increase in the quantity and quality of its visitors.

Keep their attention for longer

People love high-quality video content. Whether the viewer is watching in order to gather information or simply relax their brain for a couple of minutes, videos keep their attention for longer than most other types of digital content.
As well as helping viewers to remember your brand, this extended engagement also means that they stay on your website for a longer time, which is another key SEO factor that makes a big difference.

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