How Photography Will Benefit Your Next Event

It feels like life is finally returning to normal, and with that comes a range of events being organised by companies, organisations and charities across Yorkshire and beyond. We absolutely love bringing our services to special celebrations, so we’ve put together a few reasons why hiring VIP Creative to capture your next event will benefit your brand in multiple ways.

We’ll bring your event to life

Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure you know how to organise a fun shindig or insightful business talk, but having a photographer there helps to get things moving. We know how to make even the most camera-shy person feel relaxed and comfortable, plus you may be surprised how much a photographer can encourage people to interact more and really get stuck into your event.

Eternalise unique memories

Whilst experiencing the event first-hand is awesome, there really is something to be said for the nostalgia factor. Whether you’re looking through images a week later or years down the line, we guarantee that you’ll be super pleased that you invited a photographer to capture it all on camera.

Outstanding results

There are plenty of people who are really good at taking snaps but there’s nothing quite like expert photography. Aside from the years of training, experimentation and creativity that’s allowed us to fine-tune this skill to perfection, we also have fantastic equipment for achieving incredible shots. A photo taken on a smartphone simply doesn’t compare to what you can achieve with professional camera gear.

Ramp up your marketing

Whether it’s a gala dinner, charity fundraiser, staff party, outdoor celebration or even a muddy obstacle course, we absolutely love getting involved. The images that we capture will be of the highest quality and taken with a keen eye for detail, resulting in them being perfect for using across your marketing materials.
From your social media channels and website to email campaigns and printed brochures, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to breathe new life into your promotional activity.

Professional editing

We don’t simply take photos and send them to you, as we can also provide detailed editing. This ensures that every image you receive has been polished and retouched where required, which results in visually stimulating content. It could be a case of simply cleaning up the composition or perhaps you’d like some creative effects and branding adding in – whatever the case, leave it with us and prepare for the wow factor.

Add some cheeky video

Before we finish, we simply can’t forget about video! Hiring the team here at VIP Creative to film your event brings a strong return on investment, as video is viewed more than any other form of content and is a great way to encourage viewers to follow a call to action.
Many of our clients find that combining photography with videography helps them to engage their target audiences on a much deeper level, so make sure to ask us about this exciting and versatile service.

Treat guests to the VIP experience

Organising an event or celebration? Give us a shout through our contact form to find out how VIP Creative can help to make it a huge success.

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