Combine Photography with Video Content for Full Effect

Here’s a question for you: What does your business have to shout about? Here’s another question for good measure: Are you actually shouting about it and doing so in the right way? Read on to discover why combining photography with video content is such a savvy move.

Marketing is changing

With technology, consumer trends and communication methods changing quickly and often, we totally understand that it can be easy for an organisation to fall behind on modern marketing techniques. If you’re finding that your business isn’t generating as many leads as you’d like, your competitors are racing ahead, or your recruitment campaigns are lacking pizzaz, it’s time to have a chat with VIP Creative.

Photography and video content

The purpose of corporate photography and video content is to grab attention, reflect your brand and instantly convey key messages. From professional headshots that share a consistent style, to promotional videos posted across multiple digital marketing channels to entice visitors and enquiries, you need to ensure that all of your visual content does your business justice.
We provide the highest standard of photography and video production, giving you everything you need to upgrade your internal and external communication and explore new ways of raising brand awareness.

Maximise your return on investment

Let’s say you need a video that promotes your services and shows people why they should choose your business over others. There are many ways we can achieve this, such as in the form of staff interviews, customer case studies, and hands-on demonstrations of how you work both within your commercial premises and wherever it is you do business.
Whilst we’re at it, we can capture striking shots of your working environments and teams, resulting in a wide-ranging content bank that can be used for your social media activity, printed materials, website and email campaigns. By taking this opportunity to bulk up your visual content, you can strategise your marketing far more effectively and maximise your return on investment.

A highly flexible service

We’re not saying that you should blow your entire marketing budget in one go. In fact, our services are extremely flexible and we can make them work in line with your cash flow to full effect. However, booking photography and videography in one session can often save a lot of time, making our service even more cost-effective.
That’s why we recommend getting in touch with us (we’re Nathan and Mike, by the way) to have a chat about what we can offer. We’ll bring all kinds of exciting ideas to the table, all of which are designed around your unique needs and expectations.

We’re up for anything!

Over the years we’ve worked in all kinds of surroundings, from industrial facilities, corporate offices and retail units to leisure venues, schools and sporting events. We’re happy to work with children, animals and even get our clothes muddy if the occasion calls for it – no matter what you want filming, we’re ready to take on the challenge.

Get in touch

Want to know more about how photography and video content will transform your marketing and communications? Give us a shout through our contact form and let’s talk about how we can drive your business forward together.

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