Celebrate Your Industrial Vibes with Digital Content

The industrial sector is a fast-paced, highly innovative and extremely rewarding place to progress in a career. Whether your business involves production lines, workshops, warehouses, building sites or high-tech facilities, VIP Creative will capture them all through awesome photography and video content.

Put the spotlight on your industry

When choosing a photography and videography partner, you need to know that they’re familiar with your type of working environments. That’s why we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that we can work in a wide range of industrial settings, including businesses operating in sectors as diverse as gas and oil, green energy production, pharmaceuticals, shipping and logistics, waste management, and anything to do with rail, road or air travel.

We love busy workplaces

Many industrial companies lack striking photography and video content simply because they think their facilities aren’t photogenic. We beg to differ, as you’d be surprised by how adept we are at bringing out the detail, personality and excitement of all types of industrial sites.
Thanks to us taking health and safety very seriously, we can carry out our services without disrupting your workflow and really show what your business is all about. Don’t worry if a machine looks grubby or there are sparks flying around, as these add to the dynamic nature of the shots.


Raise brand awareness

By investing in professional videography and photography, you’re creating a content bank that can be used for everything from raising brand awareness to recruiting top talent. We strongly recommend that you use these digital assets to full effect by applying them to your website, social media channels, email campaigns, printed materials, job adverts and anything else you use to draw attention to your business.


Share your innovation with the world

Whatever it is your industrial business does, it’s bound to involve plenty of expert techniques, in-depth knowledge, rigorous procedures and clever innovation. Rather than keeping these behind the scenes, it’s time to share them with the world through photography and video content.
As visual experts, we have a keen eye for detail and know how to find the perfect settings for powerful digital content. By visiting your site and being given a tour, we can then provide recommendations and create storyboards that take a strategic approach and fit your objectives to a tee. Whether you want photography for PR coverage and advertorial or internal comms videos that make training and induction interesting and engaging, let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.


Smile for the camera

Whilst we’re at your site, why not have some new headshots taken too? This is a great opportunity to ensure brand consistency across platforms such as your website and LinkedIn. Don’t worry if some of your staff are camera-shy, as we’re great at making people feel comfortable in front of a lens.


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