Awesome Videos for Induction, Training and Internal Comms

Well, what a year it’s been eh? The pandemic has completely changed the way businesses work, which has had a huge knock-on effect in regards to training and updating staff. We’ve been contacted by multiple companies looking for an effective method of delivering internal comms whilst socially distancing or working from home, which is where our video service comes into play.

Serious messages with added wow factor
Forget about tutorials that are as exciting as watching paint dry – we’re here to create visually powerful health and safety, training and induction videos that truly reflect your brand. The process is very straightforward, as we always start with three basic questions:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What do they need to know?
  • How are we going to tell them?

We then design a clear plan of action, which involves deciding the best environments for filming, prepping the team members giving the training (or finding trained actors on your behalf), and writing a script that’s equally informative and concise. Combine this with exceptional videography techniques and lashings of VIP flair, and you now have training and induction videos that engage, educate and entertain.

Industrial environments are no problem
We’ve visited everywhere from production lines and warehouses, to power stations, engineering facilities and construction sites. Thanks to our absolute commitment to H&S procedures, you can rest assured that we’ll film your premises whilst following all compliance policies to a tee. We even bring our own PPE equipment for total peace of mind.

We have a keen eye for detail
One of the advantages of videography specialists visiting your site is that we see your premises through fresh eyes. Backdrops that are commonplace to you will often get our creative juices flowing, resulting in videos that represent your everyday working environments whilst looking absolutely awesome.

Working at night? No worries!
As far as we’re concerned, only Dolly Parton works 9 to 5. If your team is most active at night, that’s when we’ll visit to film them without disrupting their workflow. This means capturing an accurate depiction of how your business works, which will really bring your videos to life.

Working nationwide
Whether you’re on our doorstep or at the other side of the country, we’re more than happy to travel. Aside from making this more convenient for you, it also means that we can film your sites and interview your staff no matter where they’re located.

Perfect for internal comms
Whilst our videos are regularly used for promotional messages, recruitment drives and customer engagement, they’re just as effective when used entirely in-house. Imagine giving new starters an induction experience that genuinely inspires, remotely training staff in updated procedures to full effect, and sharing key messages with your teams even when they’re working from home. Video makes all of this possible and the tangible results are always outstanding.

Give your brand the VIP treatment
Like the idea of health and safety, training and induction videos that motivate, educate and empower? Give us a shout through our contact form to find out more about internal comms done differently.

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