We really didn’t know what to expect from Aspire Academy. It’s an “Alternative Provision Academy that serves vulnerable students within Hull and the East Riding” but what does that mean? We weren’t sure ourselves and one of the problems for Aspire is that unless you’re a part of it, not many people do know. This was the primary reason for bringing us in to produce a video for them. They wanted something that could be shared online to a wide audience but also for new students and their parents prior to their arrival so that they would know what to expect and put them at ease.

It’s a great School that gives it’s students a vast amount of fantastic opportunities, even offering vocational courses such as hairdressing and mechanics that you wouldn’t usually start until college. With so much on offer, everything was already in place and all we had to do was film it which made our jobs a lot easier. That’s not entirely true as there was a lot more work and planning needed to ensure that the shoots ran smoothly with minimal disruption to the sometimes easily distractible students as well as working to the School’s strict timetables but having such a variety of interesting activities to shoot definitely helped us.

Our video shows what Aspire has to offer; Passionate teachers, energetic students and excellent facilities with fantastic opportunities and the chance to build lasting relationships. We even got to film with the Hull KR players, at Hollywood Bowl and at St Paul’s Boxing Academy as part of the school’s LOFT Programme.

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